MsCrete is an innovative alternative cement that complements industry decarbonization efforts. According to the IEA, the CO2 intensity of cement increased by 1.5% annually from 2015 to 2021. However, to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050, a 3% decline per year until 2030 is necessary. MsCrete will accelerate sustainability, effectively reduce carbon emissions, and display exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance properties.


A Problem

Concrete faces significant challenges from corrosive agents like acids, oils, and bases, compromising its structural integrity and longevity. Acid corrosion weakens load-bearing capacity and can corrode embedded steel reinforcement. Oils penetrate porous surfaces, reducing adhesion and lifespan. Bases induce alkali-silica reactions, causing cracks and decreased mechanical properties. Concrete corrosion impacts safety, maintenance costs, and the environment.

A Solution

MsCrete is an exceptional cement binder innovation designed for ultimate durability and replacement of concrete in corrosive settings. MsCrete demonstrates remarkable resistance to acids, salts, bases, petroleum oils, solvents, and other harsh substances, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its superior mechanical strength and abrasion protection set it apart. Engineered with low porosity, MsCrete remains impervious to water-based fluids, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

An Environment

MsCrete, a sustainable alternative to traditional cement, utilizes by-product waste materials from various industries. It is water-free in production, 100% recyclable, and ideal for sustainable construction in industrial settings. MsCrete offsets at least 80% of emissions linked to conventional cement, aligning the product with Sustainable Development Goals that promote the circular economy and resilient infrastructure practices.

About Us

Circular Materials Solutions is the developer of MsCrete, a sustainable innovation in concrete and cement materials. Our ecologically-friendly binder resists corrosion and is fully recyclable, aligning with circular economy principles and promoting sustainable development goals.

With a commitment to product circularity, low emissions, and environmental impact reduction, we seek to provide customers with a durable, high-quality solution that brings visible benefits. By staying ahead of industry trends in sustainability, we continually adapt to minimize our impact on the planet

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